The Interview

I felt like for a few weeks I would never see anything else on the news except for report after report about the movie “The Interview“.  However as always the news does move on, the reporters get stuck on the next thing.  I enjoy most of what I’ve seen Seth Rogen in so The Interview was […]

Religions and Money

Religion and money

The other morning I was driving down the main road in our small community in Thailand and it was blocked going one direction.  Thais had lined up sitting down on mats with money, food, water, and gifts for the monks of the local temple; the line of people as they waited for the monks was at least […]


Like:  /līk/ [from: Merriam Webster 2Like] Verb: 1. find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory. 2.  wish for; want. Noun: like; plural noun: likes 1. the things one likes or prefers. On the 9th of February 2009 our ability to communicate our feelings was reduced to one word, one simple click of an icon that said everything we wanted to say […]

Apple Watch

Watches, time, and technology are all an important part of my life, and a beautiful timepiece is desirable.  I was glad to hear rumors that Apple was working on the  Watch to connect with their other devices and then on the 9th of September to see the  Watch officially announced.  A lot of thoughts and questions started flooding my […]


Mortality: mor·tal·i·ty môrˈtalətē/ [noun] 1. the state of being subject to death. 2. death, especially on a large-scale. Too often I’m reminded on our brief existence and mortality.  I personally have faith and belief that my mortality is in the hands of the almighty, loving, and caring heavenly Father that is my Creator–and with whom I have a personal relationship with.  However too […]


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