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Watches, time, and technology are all an important part of my life, and a beautiful timepiece is desirable.  I was glad to hear rumors that Apple was working on the  Watch to connect with their other devices and then on the 9th of September to see the  Watch officially announced.  A lot of thoughts and questions started flooding my mind as I watched the unveil and reading information on Apple’s website.

I believe that Apple is releasing a quality product as the first generation for the  Watch but at the same time I believe there is more to come in future releases that is missing from this device, including a camera for FaceTime.  Then there are the extras as with all Apple product.  What will the  app developers do with the  Watch as well with the third-party designers making accessories for the  Watch?  As for an accessory I would really like to see a designer create a casing for the  Watch to make it a stunning classic pocket watch for those times that you want to dress nicer.  For the apps I like that it is going to have Pay capabilities [not that I will be able to use it where I live] but what about taking it up a level.  Add the ability to lock and unlock the door of your office, house, hotel room, and car; but don’t stop there! Give it the ability to turn on the lights in your office, house, and hotel room as you enter, set the thermostat to your preferred setting based on your preferences adjusting to your current body temperature, mood, and the weather/lighting outside.

Now this brings us to what I believe is going to be the biggest concern with the  Watch and that is security and invasion of privacy.  I would say if you are concerned with your security and innovation of privacy you should go find a cabin in the woods with no electricity, no running water, and no road leading to the cabin.  But we live in the real world and we like to connect with others we just don’t like the thought of big brother watching.  I believe as with all Apple product there will be a way to hide and turn off some of if not all of your personal information that is being transmitted but the default will be sharing is on.  Should this stop someone from buying an  Watch?  If security and privacy are concerns I would say don’t buy an  Watch, there will definitely be statistics and numbers taken from your  Watch for Apple’s reports on usage— just the same way when you visit any website information is collected and most of the time that is used for making your experience better; Apple will do the same with this information or at least that is the hope.

Typically I’m not an early adopter of new technology and don’t plan to be for the  Watch either.  As usual I would like to see it make it to a 2nd and 3rd generation  Watch before spending the money, that is if it does go that far.  Now we wait and see what happens.

photo credit: Apple

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