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What Does it Mean in Your Language

When I was in high school I never took a foreign language class.  The United States government wasn’t requiring the foreign language credit when I graduated and I never had plans to learn a second language.  But life has a way sending us down the road we never planed.  Four years after graduating I moved […]

Social Networking Follower and Friend

I have often thought, as I know many others have as well, that social networking sites have made us more unsocial than we were before we had them.  Don’t get me wrong I love them but when we sit down to lunch with a friend what are we doing, reaching for our phone to see what […]

Untitled Memories and Memorials

The 12th of November 2006 is the day that my little sister Deborah Ruth left this world leaving us only with memories of her.  It was a shock to the whole family. Thankfully the rest of the family were able to put down in words or speak at her memorial service.  But to this day I […]

Mafia Family

“Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me.” -Don Corleone We have seen the movies and TV shows of the mafia family and for those of us who haven’t grownup in cultures where the extended mafia family is present there is something a bit […]

The Interview

I felt like for a few weeks I would never see anything else on the news except for report after report about the movie “The Interview“.  However as always the news does move on, the reporters get stuck on the next thing.  I enjoy most of what I’ve seen Seth Rogen in so The Interview was […]

What Does Christmas Mean?

I’ve grownup in a midwest United States in a Christian home and every year Christmas was important, but why?  When I was young I knew it as time away from school and when we got a bunch of gifts.  We would sit at the table for Christmas dinner with the family and say “today we […]

Religion and money

The other morning I was driving down the main road in our small community in Thailand and it was blocked going one direction.  Thais had lined up sitting down on mats with money, food, water, and gifts for the monks of the local temple; the line of people as they waited for the monks was at least […]

Updates and Security

If you have a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer you know about software updates and security.  When one of the big companies make a mistake in their updates and our security is compromised then that means there is a new update coming soon, or hopefully. I’m currently designing and managing fourteen different websites […]


Like:  /līk/ [from: Merriam Webster 2Like] Verb: 1. find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory. 2.  wish for; want. Noun: like; plural noun: likes 1. the things one likes or prefers. On the 9th of February 2009 our ability to communicate our feelings was reduced to one word, one simple click of an icon that said everything we wanted to say […]

Rearview Mirrors

When I started driving a car in Thailand I knew the rules of driving would change.  The rearview mirrors became a bigger part of driving seeing everything around as bikes slip up through lanes and the big city drivers feel they can drive fast as they want or their car will go once they are out of […]